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5 Biggest Digital Advertising Trends You must Follow in 2021

The New Year is a new starting of everything, it is a good time to learn and try something new, especially if we are talking about online business. That’s why we have looked at the most common digital ad trends that will define your promotional strategy in 2021!

It is very important to know the ongoing trends in digital advertising, if you want to be an outstanding and a successful entrepreneur And if your target is to remain competitive in e-commerce, you must adapt to its quickly changing landscape.

So,lock your seat belts and get ready to start your journey towards the most promising digital marketing strategies to explore this year.

1.Omni-Channel Marketing

Omni channel marketing provides a seamless multi-channel shopping experience.

For example, if you are the owner of a physical store that goes with a website, possibly you want your customers to have a simple and easy shopping experience:

  See your product on TV or on social media

  Find out something interesting about your store and excited to see it

  Go to the website or visit the actual store

  Buy something and make a purchase!

Here is the point that you need to popularize your store/website via social media.More the people see,if its attractive more visitors will visit your store. And here is important fact to know,Omnichannel marketing allows you to determine which channel or chain of channels turns out to be most efficient in promoting your brand and increasing your performance.

2. Landing Pages

The demand of post-click landing pages has grown conclusively in recent years and this digital advertising flow is not going to change anytime soon.

A landing page is a very powerful tool and one of its greatest features is unbelievable conversions. In fact, landing pages are reported to have an general conversion rate of 9.7.You get better sales, grow your audience faster, and generate higher ROI by converting more website visitors to paying customers,

In a recent research it shows that companies with more than 40 post-click landing pages generate 12 times more leads.

Landing pages focus visitors, attention on a call to process and seamlessly guide them through the purchase flow to conversion.

 The main purpose of a landing page is to sell a product, there are many different features aimed at obtaining this goal:

Buttons “Buy Now”

Benefit lists

A catchy image gallery

Social proof sections

Effective outbound intent pop-ups to convert your bouncing traffic

And many others

With our designated landing page plugin, you can:

Create as many landing pages as you need – no technical or marketing skills required

Promote your products with much greater efficiency and create special offers

Boost your marketing efforts

Reduce the cost of customer acquisition

Try new product or business ideas

Get valuable information about your niche

Drive more traffic to your website

Rank higher in search results

Tailor content to different customer segments

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3. Remarketing

According to Search Engine Journal experts and their recent State of Digital Marketing report, 92% of the search experts use remarketing ads.

What exactly makes this technique so forceful and helps large-scale brands achieve impressive ROI?

Remarketing allows you to target your ads to people who have seen a particular product or certain web pages. Since 96% of first-time website visitors aren’t ready to buy right away, remarketing ads become an effective way to drive them back into your conversion funnel.

If you’re interested in remarketing ads, use these detailed statistics and let our great Facebook Business plugin help you.

4. Minimilistic Design

Minimalist design conquers all aspects of life today, from interior design to popular brand advertisements. If you look at world-renowned brands and their ads, you will see a simple yet attractive ad design that presents the product without flashy and cheap elements. Researchers say that customers find minimal design to be more credible, as it is often a feature of reputable brands.

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5. Conversational marketing

The reality of modern marketing is clear: 82% of costumers want an quick answer to their questions. In this case, we are talking about conversational marketing that provides a real-time connection between marketers and customers.

This form of marketing is available on multiple channels and improves the user experience. Today’s shoppers expect to find what they are looking for NOW, not LATER.

In other words, if you want your customers to feel connected to your brand, and even more so, if you want them to be your loyal customers, you need to monitor your social media channels every day, have conversations with buyers, and answer their questions. . As a result, these conversational marketing efforts will foster greater engagement and loyalty.

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